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Introducing AWS re:Start

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are proud to introduce the AWS re:Start programme!

Working with QA Consulting, The Prince's Trust, and The Ministry of Defence (MoD), AWS re:Start aims to see 1,000 people, from military or disadvantaged backgrounds, be given the knowledge and skills to build a career within the digital economy in the next 3 years.

AWS is working with a number of the UK’s leading businesses to pledge to provide work placements for the participants as part of the AWS re:Start programme.

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What is AWS re:Start?

Amazon Web Services have launched a new UK digital skills programme called AWS re:Start.

AWS re:Start aims to address the growing deficit of digital skills to available jobs by increasing the overall digitally skilled population in the UK.

How does it work?

QA Consulting have developed customised courses that will equip ex-Military Service Personnel and Military Service Personnel in transition along with their spouses and candidates from the Prince’s Trusts, with technical skills to perform technology roles with varying levels of expertise.

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Digital Talent

Following the training programme, the successful participants will be available for work placement within your organisation for a minimum of 2 weeks.

After the work experience has ended - you can decide whether you would like to employ them, on a permanent, or contract basis, or not at all. There is no contractual obligation to extend the initial pre-agreed work experience period.

The partners within this programme will be committed to helping you extend permanently the participants’ contract after the programme, on a basis that suits your business.

Frequently asked questions

What is the AWS re:Start Programme?

Working with QA Consulting, The Prince’s Trust and The Ministry of Defence (MOD), the AWS re:Start programme will see 1,000 people from military or disadvantaged backgrounds given the knowledge and skills to jump start their career within the digital economy. Supported by AWS partners and customers, the program will result in a full-time work placement and/or apprenticeship for each of the 1,000 participants trained.

How can we get involved?

Register your interest and a member of the AWS team will get in touch.

How are you selecting the candidates for the programme?

Candidates will be selected from the MoD’s Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and the Prince’s Trust ‘Get Into Technology’ programme. The CTP provides resettlement services for those leaving the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Marines. The Prince’s Trust ‘Get Into Technology’ programme provides training and experience to disadvantaged young adults with an interest in technology.

Which type of roles will be applicable to individuals who have completed the AWS Fundamentals or the Get Into Technology course?

Individuals who complete the AWS re:Start training course can expect to be eligible for many different technical positions including, first line helpdesk support, junior IT support analyst, junior software developer, junior IT support technician, junior network engineer, junior IT recruitment consultant and IT sales based roles.

What does the training programme include?

In the AWS re:Start programme, students will learn about cloud computing and how to architect, design, and develop cloud-based applications using AWS core services including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), amongst others. They will also learn how to set up new cloud environments using proven best practices in security and compliance. As part of the programme, students will build applications using software development toolkits for popular languages, such as Python, and learn how to write software applications using object-oriented programming, the most widely used programming, design, and analysis approach for software engineering in use today. They will also be taught about multi-tier architectures, application programming interfaces (APIs), and microservices, techniques which enable businesses to build secure, elastically scalable, and highly-reliable applications in the cloud.

What jobs will the participants who complete the training be able to do?

Participants who have completed the AWS Fundamentals course will be able to work in roles such as 1st line helpdesk support and junior IT support analyst, software developer, support technician, network engineer, recruitment and sales-based roles.

Register your interest and a member of the AWS team will get in touch.

Where will the training take place?

The training will take place in training centres in either London or Manchester.  

How many people will go on each training course?

The MOD/CTP AWS Fundamentals Programme is able to host and deliver training to 42 individuals every 5 weeks.

The Princes Trust ‘Get into Technology’ Programme will be run four times a year and will have between 12 – 20 individuals complete the course during each iteration.

Both programmes will begin delivering training from Monday 27 March 2017.

Can we meet the individuals before they start the training programme?

Yes, we will look to accommodate as many early introductions as possible to help prepare individuals for work beyond the training course.

Do we need to sign a contract committing to employing a specific number of individuals?

We are proposing that each participating companies signs a Memorandum of Understanding which will represent a non-legally binding commitment.

Can we choose individuals from ex-military vs Prince’s Trust?

You will have the opportunity to meet all the individuals and select those that you think are the right fit for your business.

Will you provide a profile for each individual so we can select?

Yes, profiles will be created once the individuals have completed the assessment process.

Can we provide extra training content?

Yes absolutely. The initial training is just the beginning and we’d encourage you to identify additional training opportunities for the individuals joining your business. These could for example form part of the individuals learning and career development and on-boarding training.

When would we start to pay the individuals and at what expected level?

Individuals will be expected to enter the world of work at an entry level or as an apprentice. How you remunerate individuals will depend on your business.

Which locations can you accept across the UK?

National coverage subject to each individual’s preference and circumstances.

Who will provide on the job support and onboarding?

Participating companies will need to take ownership of the onboarding process and ongoing job support, and we recommend creating a framework to include a mentoring or buddy system.

Who will do background / criminal checks and when will this be done?

Participating companies will be responsible for all background checks, including criminal checks.

What is the expected timescale for the programme?

This programme will begin in 2017 and will take place over three years with ultimate aim to develop the skills of 1,000 individuals and assist them in finding roles within the digital economy.